Our Story

Why we do what we do:

Wavie was built on the belief that if we want to make change in the world it starts with our own two hands.

Things you can control: 1. Your beliefs 2. Your attitude 3. Your thoughts 4. Your perspective 5. How honest you are 6. Who your friends are 7. What books you read 8. How often you exercise 9. The type of food you eat 10. How many risks you take 11. How you interpret situations 12. How kind you are to others 13. How kind you are to yourself 14. How often you say "I love you" 15. How often you say "thank you" 16. How you express your feelings 17. Whether or not you ask for help 18. How often you practice gratitude 19. How many times you smile today 20. The amount of effort you put forth

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Created to make meaningful change in the world.

Founder's Note:

I believe in life change starts with our own two hands. Change isn't going to fall from the sky or just happen because we have thoughts that it should. Actions make a difference. This is not an easy thing to do either.

Founded in New Zealand

There are 26 million sheep in New Zealand and 5 million people. Maybe a sheep communication system is next? Sheep talk by Wavie? That "wool-d" be cool. Get it? Wool? Never mind

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