We scored an 83% NPS

Any score above 0 in the range of -100 to +100 is considered good. Extremely Top-tier businesses typically have an NPS of 70 or higher in 2018, Netflix had an NPS of 64, PayPal had a score of 63, Amazon had a score of 54, Google had a score of 53, and Apple had a score of 49.

Student Survey Would you recommend Wavie to a new student? 4.5 out of 5
Student Survey Would you like our organisation to continue to use Wavie? 4.3 out of 5
Student Survey Was it easy to log onto Wavie the first time? 4.7 out of 5

Introducing Wavie - what students get:

Students get access to all of our products linked together. An interface which directs them to student support systems, the staff end of the student support system which manages bookings e.g. for nurse appointments. A job section in which students can apply for jobs, vendors can list jobs and students can create a CV with one click. The smart system can detect what the student studies and show them relevant jobs or internships. The students can also apply for clubs e.g. the school basketball club. All on our purposeful user interface design which received a lot of praise.

Wavie scales support like never before:

Supporting students on this scale is not easy which is why we haven't seen such systems in place before. Wavie takes care of the scaling process to thousands so that support staff can provide amazing support to students without the hassle of scale.

Google's epic technology:

Thanks to the amazing support from Google we are able to use the latest technology. Fit with load balancers on Google's servers we're able to provide our users with world class performance and security.

Staff feedback:

We're very pleased to say all staff members involved with the project were extremely happy with Wavie's solutions in aiding learning out comes and innovating support systems. We work hard to deliver the best possible systems but couldn't have predicted such amazing feedback.

Some Student Feedback:

Student Feedback I think that this is wonderful and am excited to see it rollout to students.
Student Feedback It was really easy and quick to access the help I needed and I liked the fact that I wasn't looking through 500 different links to get where I needed to be
Student Feedback I agree that it is a useful tool and I think its what our organisation needs. Thanks.
Student Feedback I love the idea of wavie and how it can help people
Student Feedback It's so easy to use and links you up to what services you may need.
Student Feedback Are you more confident in reaching out for help after using Wavie?It makes it more accessible and gives you no excuses to not reach out
Student Feedback Would you recommend Wavie to a new student? Yes for sure, very helpful!!
Student Feedback Seems like a user friendly service with many great features
Student Feedback Its a simple and fast tool. no need for log ins which is really great
Student Feedback I really like this concept! I personally think it helps students feel braver to access services since going to ask for help in person, face-to-face can be quite daunting, even if it's for a service a student might really need. I also think it's really accessible and easy to navigate with the pleasant looking interface/platform (not sure haha) and the big, bright coloured font. I feel like a lot of students would greatly benefit from WAVIE

Wavie Bundle:

Interface · Spaces · Orbit · Loop

Ready to go from straight out of the box a range of Wavie solutions which all integrate to make for an amazing student support network.

Learner Inclusion:

Some of the student ethnicities that used and interacted with Wavie.

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