Kia O’ra! We make tools used by students and staff members. Our goal is to use our technology that we created to make the world a better place. This passion to help others stems from core values.

Core Values

Building products that users love

"I think that this is wonderful and I am excited to see it rolled out to students", "Yes just what we need", "Yes, it's very easy to use", "It's so easy to use and links you up to what services you may need".

Wavie x Google

A New + Exciting Partnership with Google Cloud

We are proud to have a strong partnership with the Google Cloud. This collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing the capabilities of our software solution.

Our Non-profit Project:

Facilitating the re-investment of knowledge to children in need using Wavie technology.

We need to break the cycle, to show kids what's out there beyond their community walls.

About Us

Built with Purpose.

Our mission is to change the world. We're not a traditional tech company that focuses solely on sales. We focus on lives changed. This was built on the pain of loss. This was hand built with sweat and tears. We didn't wait for change we make change. It's pure will and determination to change the world that has brought us this far. You're getting an awesome system and also helping us to make this world a better place.

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